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Theme: Envisioning Our Future - Remembering Our Past

Greetings WIT women old and new. WIT 2014 promises to be as much fun as ever with great music, chances to share skills and learn new ones. The focus this year is on building the world we want whilst keeping hold of what we know from the past.


A taste of workshops to come!


This year WIT is proud to announce a wider range of workshops than ever before! As well as musically based workshops such as we also have permaculture, poetry, stargazing and Zumba.


Some of our new to WIT performers will be sharing their skills with us. Edina Balczo is going to be teaching rumba guitar techniques and Ladies of Midnight Blue will be leading the ever popular African drumming workshop.

The Twmpath (Welsh ceilidh) on Thursday night is going to need a WIT scratch band so bring along whatever instrument you play and join in to learn the tunes needed in the Thursday morning workshop.


There are six workshop slots Thursday to Saturday and for each slot there will be a venue for a workshop that YOU want to offer. These will be arranged at the festival itself.

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A glimpse ahead:

A Welsh themed night to welcome us to Wales with a Twmpath afterwards.

  • The dressing up and dancing event this year will be Amazons and Goddesses with Circle Dancing.
  • Developing WIT'S eco-credentials there will be a Permaculture Workshop.
  • To honour the battles fought and won there will be a chance to design your own tee-shirts through simple silk screen printing.
  • To connect up with all those currently fighting to build the world we want there will be a Campaign Corner with a Radfem tent.
  • And a Creative Arts corner to inspire us all to be imaginative in our visioning...
witterings1 Harriet Earis "Harper of All Britain" in 2000 and 2002 will be with us at WIT 2014 :-) http://t.co/RdykgbvXlt http://t.co/sy0e5lqlCo
witterings1 ZUMBA continuous dance party all about having fun, moving to the rhythm and falling in love with the music - WIT 2014 http://t.co/uQTkv5Qkl2
witterings1 Gem Andrews - Beautiful songs that cut to the quick and speak to the heart.. http://t.co/TAaadVA0zr http://t.co/IyHuTh77kw