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Dates Friday 14 - 21 August 2015, starting and ending at noon. Seven whole IdleWIT days and nights. Whoop whoop!!

IMPORTANT! Only trained assistance dogs are allowed on site
(Please bring your dog's ID book)

icon IdleWiT2015 information sheet (877 kB) to print off and bring...

This is your opportunity to socialise and do your own thing, whether it is music making, craft making, sharing your skills, walking, communing with nature, relaxing, exploring the area - doing all the things you never get time to do.

To put on a WIT festival takes an enormous amount of time, effort and commitment of many women throughout the entire year. In 2015 the planners and other crew are hoping to spend some time having a well-deserved holiday with their WIT friends instead! So this year we are going to keep organisation and other work to the bare minimum possible - we will be booking no crew, performers etc, and all who come to the Idle WIT camp will be asked to contribute to the costs …

  • Full week waged £50
  • Full week unwaged £35
  • Access for any part of a day waged £10
  • Access for any part of day unwaged £5
  • On site for evening only (after 6pm) £5

During idle WIT we have already lined up two discos: Lesley will be doing an 80's theme playlist for the first disco and Linda Devo will be rocking it with the second disco.

Other performers are bringing their instruments and may have afternoon sessions for us to enjoy. There will be a stage in a marquee at Idle Wit for all women to use or to come and be an audience for.

On Sunday we will be having the WIT market, please bring things to sell or come and busk for the afternoon or come and buy some goodies!

On a couple of nights possibly there will be a food sharing as this was very popular during the last Idle WiT, Information about when will be given on arrival.

We encourage women who come to share skills and entertainment and other fun, please organise this amongst yourselves and surprise and entertain us! Bring that guitar!

Dogs will not be allowed on site unless they are trained assistance dogs. The farmer does not want them on his land.

Wooding will be happening on Thursday 13th August so that we have wood for a big fire every night for all to enjoy. If you would like to be a part of this please lets us know to include you.

There will be a 2016 fullon WIT Festival. Dates are: 11th - 14th August. The organisers will be ready to prepare for this Festival renewed and refreshed, because we are having a HOLIDAY!!!

Do you or someone you know want to perform or facilitate a workshop during the next festival? Well the online application form will be live on the website from September with the closing date being 21st December 2015....so spread the word and don't miss the deadline.


We are currently planning to have on the WIT camp site:

  • A large marquee so we can gather together
  • Portable toilets
  • Drinking water
  • A large fire every evening (If interested in joining the team of Amazons on the WIT wooding weekend please email website@womenintune.co.uk).
  • A small stage, PA gear
  • We will have our beloved Hammam available with lots of lovely hot water for washing :-)



Please come prepared to provide and cook your own food. The Post Office at Llanfair Clydogau has a wide range of Suma and other foods and in Lampeter there is a Co-Op and Healthfood store, The Mulberry Bush. There is an Organic Food Shop on the Lampeter  Industrial estate.

One of the hardest decisions about having a camp and no WIT crew is that we will not be offering Access Support and organised maintenance of pathways. We suggest that women with disabilities organise any support that they will need with their friends. If you want to bring a motorised scooter or wheelchair you can make an arrangement for these to be charged at the farm down the lane.

Festival Takedown usually takes almost a whole week! We do not intend to get out much of the WIT gear from storage in 2015 as we will have no crew to sort it and put it all back in good condition ready for festival in 2016, so please bring your own chairs etc.


At the end of every WIT Festival our aim is to leave the land as we found it so please, everyone make extra effort to leave the site as clean as we do.



A selection from the 2013 IdleWiT comments book ...

  • "Amazing IdleWIT this year! Great company, lovely neighbours, prolonged, deep conversations, laughter and more laughter, relaxing, sharing, caring, warm and close. This WIT has enabled and allowed friendships/relationships to grow and blossom! Positive energy has radiated round the camp and has been inclusive of everyone. I have enjoyed every minute of it and would wish this event to take place regularly! Looking forward to many more!"

  • "Very nice, chilled, well thought out basics. Loved vibe on field. Good way to take a breath between WIT festivals, but look forward to next year's WIT. Thank you"

  • "Lovely WIT, great to see the WIT organisers having a chilled out time-not looking so frantic. IdleWIT a great idea. Thank you to all those women who did the work to pull it together and provide some basic facilities they turned out to be not so basic as I thought-see you next year."

  • "Had a lovely time shared meal was great idea for pulling people together. Thank you"

  • "Ace! Time to settle in and relax; impromptu baroque recorder ensembles; meteor-spotting... Ace!"

  • "Great experience-did not expect loos and running water. The bonus was the weather and the spectacular company and entertainment."

  • "Lovely experience! Lots of love and energy has gone into this WIT, and I've enjoyed it very much. Thank you and I really appreciate all you women have done. It is not so basic after all!"

  • "Really glad to see high standard of toilets and hammam maintained-despite trouble with water. Thought some of the 'amateur' music better than the professionals we usually have. Looking forward to another IdleWIT missed the ballroom dancing."

  • "Another wonderful WIT! Loved the vibe, the friendliness, the chilled out atmosphere. Really appreciated the hammam, running water and toilets as well as the nightly fireside frolics, the open mic/Mary, the shared meal and the collective knitting. Thank you to all the women who made it happen-I hope you've been able to relax and enjoy it too."

  • "IdleWIT was just what we needed in two ways. Spending a week with excellent women doing very little. Cooking – eating – talking – sleeping -singing. Perfect! We also had the opportunity to get to know the WIT women better, discover the history of WIT and enjoy learning how this wonderful event started! Long may it continue! I feel robbed as my first WIT was number 15. I hope to come to many, many more. Thank you to all the women who make WIT possible."

  • "Well what a wonderful WIT. As always I've loved it all! And it's been 'blinking fantastic' to embrace being idle! I've loved the endless chats, cups of tea and spending time this time with the fabulous WIT women. I'd love to see IdleWIT every other year... It has been really great..

  • "Idle? I've been busy! Busy getting to know WIT and its ways. As a first timer it took a few days to come out of my shell but the warmth of WIT women has helped immensely. Loved the quiet site, watching and listening and sometimes joining in, feel the addition of a coffee bar would be a great focal point for newbies like me to meet people without drifting around hoping to catch a friendly eye. Looking forward to coming to a full-blown WIT, but IdleWIT every other year would be great."

  • "One of the best holidays I've had in a long time. So wonderful to have the time to actually have lengthy, sustained conversations with so many different women. As a member of crew these conversations are usually hurried and not picked up again because of time constraints. Definitely up for IdleWIT every alternative year."

  • "Fabulous - women sharing experiences, teamwork, cups of tea and lots of love and support - wow just wonderful. Thanks to all the women that make it happen."

  • "IdleWIT - just my pace - very enjoyable - loved the hammam, loved the atmosphere. Only request that one of the marquees be nearer campers so we can sit there if it rains and have communal space. But IdleWIT is brilliant!"

  • "So fantastic to meet with friends, old and new. Thank you. Looking forward to next year's already."

  • "I thought this was the best WIT ever! Comparing IdleWIT to normal WIT I did things I wouldn't have done if there was a girlzone; such as knitting and exploring the quiet tent, now I love to knit!"

  • "I had a lovely WIT. I particularly enjoyed not feeling I should be doing something. IdleWIT is a good name. However, I think to draw new people in its helpful to have activities. But I like women not feeling worn out so less is absolutely fine by me thanks for all for their labours.

  • "The girls did take over the quiet tent, so it seems they do need a space of their own, but they did fine."

  • "Wonderful WIT, I love this place, a field of wonderful women just soaking up this precious time of being together, felt just the right pace for me, and space to feel re-energised."

  • "IdleWIT feels like a gathering of a 'chosen' family - we choose to come back together year after year (10 years I think for me) a huge thank you to each of you who made it possible."

  • "I really enjoyed IdleWIT this year, it is really fun. My second year at WIT and it was great."

  • "Really enjoyed IdleWIT. Final night was beautiful. The making of music and the fire, fantastic hammam and stars - as well as chilled conversation and the beach trip - brilliant."

  • "Had an amazing IdleWIT. Lovely to have the sunshine for a change, and the company of amazing women, as every year. Wonderful music and great conversations around the fire - thanks everyone."

  • "Dearest WIT, Lots of fun and relaxing (as usual)! Totally loved it and so did the girls. We'll be back again next year. Saw about 15 shooting stars last night."

  • "Only anarchist revolution and not the ballot will set women free" Emma Goldman.

  • Loved IdleWIT!! - In fact I prefer it to WITfest - a perfect place to aid my recovery from my relapse which took me out for the whole of May/June/July. Feel really chilled now - and also got to play music which a few weeks ago I thought I would never play again - thanks for the opportunity!"

  • "To sum up this lovely IdleWIT I am sitting around the fire on the last evening while a small group of women play baroque music on recorders and in the background another group of women are playing boules. Serene and lovely like a village green. Nice also that women have been going for dinner with each other which doesn't happen when there is a cafe, a lovely week, thanks to all."

  • "After a week of idling I now feel totally relaxed and could stay longer. Weather has been kind and the chance to just hang out, chat, walk, run, cook and eat without time restraints has been great. Mellow last evening around the fire, music drifting gently across the field... Thanks to everyone for coming together and creating WIT again."

  • "Thank you. It's my first time and everyone I've spoken to has been so real, so supportive, so friendly. It's been a safe space for me to let go. Thank you to all."

  • "I thought WIT was fantastico as usual so yeah. I made lots of friends to hang with."

  • "Even arriving on the final night with hours to go to the end of IdleWIT 2013, I have felt so welcomed, so delighted to be here in a women only space"

  • "Was wonderful having time to get to know women more and meet new women. A beautiful meditation space was very much appreciated."

  • "IdleWIT was a brilliant idea. It was so gentle. I loved everyone - nearly everyone getting stuck in with the knitting, the youngest was six years old and the oldest over 60! There was a lot of skill sharing and the girls taught me to finger knit and many girls learned to knit many reclaimed a lost skills - including me. So... the banner will be finished off and brought back to WIT next year - unless it's gone to Aldermaston. We also started about half a metre of the pink 7 mile banner that Aldermaston wants for next August. Thank you for the time and space."



witterings1 Harriet Earis "Harper of All Britain" in 2000 and 2002 will be with us at WIT 2014 :-) http://t.co/RdykgbvXlt http://t.co/sy0e5lqlCo
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